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You Can Afford College

2014 edition available online now!
An annual production of Maryland Public Television for over 25 years, this television program delivers information tailored to today's parents and students who need a comprehensive, how-to approach to find financial aid. Hear from local experts in higher education and finance. Hosted by Yolanda Vazquez and Mario Armstrong.

Watch the 2014 edition of You Can Afford College online now.

Save with Sesame Street!

Sesame Workshop offers videos & fun activities to teach young children about managing their money.

THINKING MONEY: The Psychology Behind Our Best & Worst Financial Decisions

Have you ever experienced "buyer's remorse"?  Learn more about the emerging field of behavioral economics, and discover how your brain is actually hard-wired to over-spend.  "Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions" is a new FINRA Foundation documentary that uses a mix of humor, on-the-street interviews and provocative insights from innovative thinkers to explore why we spend, why we save (or don't) and how we think about money.

Learn more and watch a clip here.  Or watch the entire documentary here

INVESTBUSTERS video series

Chief Mythbuster Karen Gibbs debunks all the common myths about investing in the INVESTBUSTERS video series. Get started saving for your dreams, and follow Karen's great tips!  Watch them here.