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Ways to Pay for College

What career path lies ahead for you? There are countless great jobs out there, but for many of them you'll need a college degree, and the cost of higher education can cause sticker shock. Join host Mario Armstrong as he ...

Ask Karen Gibbs: Buy or Rent in 2015?
MPT's financial expert Karen Gibbs helps you decide whether to buy or rent a home in this new year.  Read more.


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InvestBusters Series--MPT's Chief Investment Mythbuster Karen Gibbs blows the lid off of common investing misconceptions that may be holding YOU back from greater financial reward down the line.  Watch each episode to learn what you can do to increase your savings with minimal risk.
Episode 1: Top Investing Myths:  BUSTED!
Episode 2:  Why Invest?
Episode 3:  Saving on the Job
Episode 4:  Top Retirement Myths:  BUSTED!
Episode 5:  Top Fraud Myths: BUSTED!
Episode 6:  Top Millionaire Myths:  BUSTED!
Episode 7:  Top Investing Help Myths: BUSTED!
Episode 8:  Top Portfolio Myths:  BUSTED!
Funding provided by Investment Corporation Institute Education Foundation.

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